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NVO partnership portal

General terms of use of the website

The owner of the website and online domain »« (hereinafter: the website) is the Centre for information service, cooperation and development of non-governmental organisations, Povšetova 37, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia; registration number: 1663364 (hereinafter: CNVOS).

The use of the website (browsing, opening links, reading the content and similar) and the use of website applications (browsing through advertisements within applications, publishing advertisements and other information within applications, the use of information from advertisements, production of documents within applications, etc.) shall be considered as agreement of the visitor of the website with general terms of use listed below. If you, as a visitor of the website, do not agree with these general terms, we ask you to refrain from using the website.

CNVOS reserves the right to change general terms of use at any point and without prior notice, by publishing their new version on this website.

These general terms apply to the entire website and all of its individual parts, such as sections, sub-pages or applications which run on the website, unless otherwise specified.


Notifications, articles and other content published on the website have been created with the purpose of helping non-governmental organisations (hereinafter: NGOs) find partners for common projects, programmes, activities and for other networking purposes.  

The website is therefore intended primarily for NGOs, giving them the possibility to publish information about themselves (areas of activity, contact information, etc.) so that they can be recognized by another organisation as a potential partner in a common project or other activity and contacted for these purposes.

CNVOS reserves the right to change, add or remove content of the website without prior notification and assumes no responsibility for any consequences of such changes.

The website also contains links to websites owned by other persons. CNVOS does not have the power to influence the functioning of those websites and therefore assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information and content published there. 

Rules concerning limitations of liability are contained in item 4 of these general terms.

As the administrator of the website, CNVOS supplies the necessary tools to enable connections and networking between non-governmental organisations, but does not guarantee that a successful contact or execution of a joint project will in fact occur. CNVOS also does not accept liability for the accuracy of data and contents published on the website by users, including photography, links and text, which are all the responsibility of the user who added specific content onto the website. CNVOS does not verify and therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content provided by users. However, if a user learns that a specific content is untrue, they should notify CNVOS, who will then take further action accordingly (e.g. notify the user who published it and request them to correct or remove the content).

The user is not allowed to publish content in the name or at the expense of a third party without their consent. The user cannot violate rights of others (e.g. intellectual property, personality rights) or otherwise act illegally.

CNVOS may autonomously and without explanation change or remove content published by users if the content is inappropriate, does not contribute to networking of NGOs or their search for partners, if it is against the law or for other reasons. CNVOS may autonomously and without explanation sort the user under a different category if it deems the chosen category as inappropriate. 

CNVOS may interrupt the operation of the website without prior notification if this is necessary for technical upgrades, system updates or as a result of a business decision.

Rules concerning limitations of liability with regard to the use of directories can be found in item 4 of these general terms of use.

Visitors of the website use the website, its sections and contents at their own risk.

CNVOS does not accept any liability regarding the accuracy or correctness of the information published on the website, nor does it assume liability for changes made to the already published information or content or any liability for possible damage caused to the visitor due to the use of information and content published on the website.

CNVOS is not responsible for any damage that occurs due to the failure to publish or the removal of content which is caused by errors in functioning of the website, nor does it otherwise guarantee the successful use of the website. CNVOS is not responsible if the NGOs do not carry out a project or common activity. In no case is CNVOS responsible for any damage which originates from the use or the failure to use the website, including damages due to a loss of income or expected profit, loss of goodwill, reputation or loss of data.

CNVOS further does not accept any liability for the damage which occurs to the visitor during the use of the website. We recommend that the users regularly produce safety copies of contents they publish on the website, as CNVOS is not responsible for the loss of these contents.

This website uses text files (so-called cookies) which are saved on devices of internet users and help recognize these devices and which are used to enable access to the website. The website uses cookies to gather information about the use of the website which improves the user experience. The process of saving the cookies is entirely managed by the internet browser used by the user, through which the saving of cookies can be limited or disabled. Cookies used by this website are:
Cookie name: JSESSIONID. sso_username, sso_password
Purpose: Cookies used by the website to remember entered username and password within one session (one visit of the website), which prevents new requests for this information each time the user opens a subpage.
Expiry: End of session

Cookie name: _ga
Purpose: This randomly generated number is used to define unique IDs of visitors of the website.
Expiry: 2 years

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Purpose: This cookie is saved for the purpose of remembering the above cookie IDs. It is installed after you accept it by clicking »I agree«.
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You can monitor and delete saved cookies in your browser. If you delete cookies or they expire, the website will warn you again of their use. You can find more information about cookie settings and ways to delete them in a particular browser here:
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Social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter may install cookies during your visit of the website if you are simultaneously registered into their account. CNVOS cannot influence the use of those cookies since they are governed by the terms of use which you have accepted as the user of those networks.

CNVOS protects personal data, communicated by the user during the use of the website. Personal information is processed solely for the purposes for which they have been acquired and which are allowed according to applicable legislation.

CNVOS will not use personal information, including contact information, for any other purposes and will not forward them to third parties without explicit consent of the individual to whom the personal data refers, unless it is obliged to do so by law.

CNVOS performs all necessary organisational, technical and logical procedures and measures to protect personal information, prevent accidental or intentional unauthorised destruction of data or modification, loss or unauthorised processing of data.

All contents, graphic and other elements on the website are subject to copyright protection and other forms of protection of intellectual property.

Unless otherwise specified, the contents of the website are allowed to be freely reproduced and distributed in digital form or to be made available to the public for non-profit (non-commercial) purposes, under the condition that the contents are not changed or processed and that the reference to the source in the form of an active link, called Centre for information service, cooperation and development of non-governmental organisations (CNVOS) is provided, leading to the website

The contents of the website are not allowed to be reproduced, distributed,  processed  or used for commercial purposes without prior written consent of CNVOS.

If you run into an error, inaccuracy, lack of topicality or timeliness of information or any other deficiency of the website, please let us know at This is also the address to which you can send your requests for the removal of your personal information from the website.

Individuals can demand the removal of their personal information from the website, including imagery or video materials depicting the individual. CNVOS will immediately remove the personal data from the website, it is, however, not responsible for the publication of this information on other servers where they are published by other persons.
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»Operation is co-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund. The project is implemented within priority axis 11 of the Operational Programme for the Implementation of European Cohesian Policy in the period 2014-2020, Priority Investment 2.11.4. Capacity building for all stakeholders delivering education, lifelong learning, training and employment and social policies, including through sectoral and territorial pacts to mobilise for reform at the national, regional and local levels, specific objective 1: Strengthen capacity of NGOs for advocacy and provision of public services.«
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